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Previsualization and the Cultural Divide: How Filmmakers Are Creating Immersive VR and Leaving It On the Set

While on the second night of the incredible 5D Flux Conference on transmedia at USC two weeks ago, Henry Jenkins moderated a discussion with a number of luminaries from the previsualization and motion capture industries, including Chris deFaria (Warner Bros), Ron Frankel (Proof Inc), and Habib Zargarpour (Microsoft Studios).  The topic was on digital design and world building in the… Read more →

Bringing Back Laser Tag: Mixed Reality and the commercialization of Motion Capture

We all experienced it at some point in the nineties (or eighties) – the excitement of recharging guns, flashing lights, black light induced obstacles, and hefty battle-ready cyber vests.  Laser tag was the culmination of a cybernetic cultural fantasy, an experience that brought environments found in TRON and Blade Runner to life.  At a very young age, I found myself… Read more →