Welcome to the VRevolution

This blog is dedicated to manifestations of cinematic art and interactive technology, particularly in relation to virtual reality, narrative design, photorealism, and atmospheric immersion. It is also a place to post my random thoughts, quirky observations, bizarre theories, and creative works. The ultimate goal of VR is to not only develop a new form of expression, but to emerge as a new medium of gameplay and narrative experience.

Zombies on the Holodeck! New Game for Project Holodeck and Oculus Rift Plays with Film Conventions in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a young medium. Zombies on the Holodeck was started to explore virtual environments outside of strict realism.  Recreating a wholly photorealistic world is still a huge thing to explore in this emerging field. However, because Virtual Reality offers the opportunity to create alternate realities altogether – why be bound to the notion that the alternate reality must… Read more →

Speechless Protagonists, Spatial Storytelling, and Immersive Worlds: Half-Life Game Narrative Review at GDC

The Game Narrative Summit is coming up next month in Austin, and features an all-star lineup of speakers talking transmedia, indie games, blockbusters, and everything in between.  Back in April I submitted a paper to the Summit on narrative architecture in games, using Half-Life as an iconic early example of spatial storytelling and immersive world building in the first person… Read more →